marketing analytics

With tighter budgets and more noise to break through than ever before, marketers need to be able to prioritise initiatives and demonstrate results quantitatively. Your CEO doesn't want to discuss the color of your logo; your CEO wants to know how much value you're extracting from your marketing budget and which acitivities are most impactful. But how do you know which marketing tactics are the most effective and how to best allocate your time?

Without solid analysis of the relevant data, you don’t know what's working and you can’t demonstrate your successes.  Solid analytics means that you always have a data-backed answer for the tough questions posed by cross-functional members of your organisation, and that's how your marketing team sustains its place at the executive boardroom table.

BRIGHT can provide you with a wide array of information on your website and campaigns, and then help you decide which metrics are most important to track with your business goals in mind.