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Drive more leads and more customers

A solid marketing strategy is built on a deep understanding of your customer.  Without understanding what motivates your target market, all marketing activities are just guess work. 

State of Inbound 2015

Buyer Personas

At BRIGHT, the first thing we do in a new client engagement is to conduct a buyer persona workshop to identify important characteristics and motivations of your organisation's key buyers and prospects.  Buyer personas enable you to shape your strategy by serving as a point of reference when considering different marketing tactics: “Would Chris want to talk about work on Facebook?” or “Does Maggie watch videos online?”.  Your buyers should be guiding your marketing strategy.

Content Audit

The second step in putting together an inbound marketing strategy is doing a content audit.  This is where we analyse the existing content assets that you have and map them to the buying lifecycle of your customers.  For example, a product with a long sales cycle involving multiple stakeholders requires content that addresses the needs of each of the key influencers involved in the purchasing process.

Once these two elements are in place, we can identify the gaps in  your marketing strategy and put a plan in place to get your business found, convert website visitors into leads, nurture the leads into customers and then analyse the results. This process will offer your organisation a clear picture of what marketing efforts are working and what efforts are wasting your resources.

Above all, we are interested in ensuring that your marketing strategies are realistic and resonate with your buyers. We want what you want - more leads and more customers.

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