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Elevate Your Social Media Marketing

Just like Russell Howcroft, we don’t believe in the "Facebook Fairies" who magically convert fan page interactions into sales.  Nor do we believe that social media is a standalone strategy. Integrating your social media efforts into a well-rounded inbound marketing plan is the most effective way to create impact.

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Choose the Right Platform

It's also important that you choose the right platforms to integrate based on where your customers are. You’d be surprised how many 40+ women are active on Facebook, and how Pinterest can be successfully used for businesses regardless of how visually pleasing their offerings. 

Deepen Engagement

When it's right for your audience, we can help you elevate your social media marketing beyond status updates and tweets to create engaging apps, content and quizzes. We’ve worked with SnappApp, Shortstack and NorthSocial to develop social media apps to deepen the engagement and more importantly capture the fairy dust of prospects and turn those into leads.

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