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Marketing Strategy

A solid marketing strategy is built on a deep understanding of your customer, their buying behavior, likes and dislikes. Without this foundation, all marketing activities are just guess work.


Content Creation

Compelling content is at the heart of a successful inbound marketing campaign. Getting found is all about attracting visitors to your website.


Campaign Execution

BRIGHT Inbound Marketing can become an extension of your marketing team or your entire team. Giving you more “arms & legs” to get the job done.


Marketing Analytics

How do you know which marketing tactics are the most effective and which ones you should do more of and which ones you should drop?


Inbound Marketing Services

The way that people buy has fundamentally changed and traditional marketing tactics are just not working anymore.

Traditional marketing tactics are typically interruption-based and difficult to measure. Buying TV or print ads, renting email lists and taking out huge booths at trade shows are examples of traditional outbound marketing. These expensive techniques are becoming less and less effective as people become better at filtering out the constant barrage of interruptions, and as they gain easier access to industry information on their own.


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Traditional Techniques with Modern Content Creation

Marketers today have tight budgets and a critical need to demonstrate a return on the investments that they have made.  A shift towards creating valuable, educational, sharable content has already occurred. Customers are searching for information using keywords, educating themselves using vendors' websites, subscribing to blogs and joining industry discussions via social media.

By combining traditional techniques such as email marketing and events with modern content creation, lead nurturing, search engine optimisation and social media integration, our customers see dramatic improvements in the number of leads generated online.  An effective inbound marketing approach delivers cost-effective and measurable campaigns.

Why Choose Us

We are B2B marketing specialists, with practical campaign execution skills
We use a holistic integrated marketing strategy, play well with others, and are fun to work with
We love data and apply it to a customer-centric marketing approach

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