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Case Study - Optus OfficeApps


What marketing challenges did you face with the launch of Optus OfficeApps?

  1. Short time frame to launch with little if any marketing ‘assets’ in place (including content such as collateral, website, case studies, white papers, articles, etc.)

  2. In parallel to launch preparations, the Optus SMB Division was undergoing a refreshed branding exercise, of which the first launch was to be with OfficeApps, this added an increased level of complexity to the launch and increased the scope of the ‘project’ and stakeholders.

  3. Limited budget and daunting targets

  4. Optus was not well known for anything other than traditional telco offerings and the existing customer base did not align well with the buyer personas for OfficeApps. Much thought was given to the best way to maximise ROMI and how to reach prospects (both in the base and non-Optus customers). A decision was made to invest heavily in digital including a new website which could support a scale play, the development of content aligned to prospects needs / stages of a pipeline and an associated digital buyers journey, development and execution of a PR strategy.


What did you use BRIGHT Inbound Marketing for?


BRIGHT was instrumental in the development and launch of the digital strategy for the launch of OfficeApps, dtarting with the development of Buyer Personas. The buyer persona work demonstrated their customer centric approach, ability to think outside the square and lead a team. The Buyer Personas that were developed became the cornerstone of all marketing activities such as value proposition development, copy development, media placement, customer and sales facing material.

BRIGHT were also involved in the development of a new website which supported a SMB prospect’s search through to purchase of an OfficeApps solution. This included website style & design, copy, various forms of content, a digital buyers journey including the grading of leads and the right next steps. BRIGHT effectively managed relationships with both third parties, agencies, copy writers, a CRM company and internal stakeholders and contributors to ensure a successful launch and ongoing business outcomes.

BRIGHT not only developed some content but also successfully managed the development of a content schedule with publishing third parties, aligned to the needs of prospects, based on some earlier, excellent buyer persona work.

BRIGHT was also a key contributor to the development of a digital assessment offered to SMB prospects hosted on the new website. This survey was supported by a PR event in Sydney’s CBD with key members of the Optus leadership team, press and industry writers, present.


How did BRIGHT help address your challenges?


BRIGHT worked seamlessly with myself and the broader marketing team, without BRIGHT I am confident that some goals would not have been achieved in the desired timeframe and to the same standard. From a cost perspective, the investment in BRIGHT provided an excellent return and in addition, BRIGHT really were a pleasure to work with.


What would you say to others considering using BRIGHT?


I look forward to working with BRIGHT again in the future and would happily recommend them, and do!, to colleagues and businesses who are interested in growing their pipeline and converting prospects to customers, effectively and efficiently. Further, I would encourage many small and medium businesses to seriously consider BRIGHT – they are a cost effective, professional, engaging and responsive firm who really gets lead generation marketing.

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