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Why are people unsubscribing??

Jarrod Glascott

Jarrod Glascott About The Author

Wed, Feb 03, 2016

Unfortunately, humans are for the large part, wired for negativity. Executive coach and motivational speaker Ray Williams attests to this, noting "the capacity to emphasise the negative rather than the positive has probably been an evolutionary phenomenon. From our earliest beginnings, being aware of and avoiding danger has been a critical survival skill."


So it's only human nature that when we send out an email to our subscriber lists, we naturally focus on the 0.9% unsubscribe rate, rather than the 10+% click-through rate (which is quite exceptional for most company sizes and industries).

The data is right in front of you

Because we are a HubSpot agency, it is becoming increasingly easier to view all the statistics of email and blog campaigns all in one place, which can be a double-edged sword sometimes - damn you HubSpot for being too efficient with your measurable data!

On one hand, HubSpotters can see who is opening their emails, from which platform and if they're clicking through or not (some may call this stalking, but we like to think of it as efficient, measurable marketing), and on the other hand, the data for those people in your database who have marked your emails as spam, or immediately unsubscribed when seeing your email, is right there too.

"Remember, numbers only tell part of the story."


It’s not personal

Let's be honest, you work hard on your email and blogging campaigns, so it’s fairly discouraging to see people not acknowledging your effort.


It’s not all bad news!

But there’s a key reason as to why you shouldn't be too disheartened by your unsubscribe rate. Lee from Traction Digital notes that “Strategically, you want to maintain a subscriber list who will find your content appealing and useful so you’re spending your time, energy and marketing dollars on engaged customers.”

So, as everyone's favourite ice queen says: Let it go!


Your database is actually a self-replenishing resource

Theoretically, if you continue to share engaging content on topics that your buyer personas will find engaging and interesting, your database will actually replenish itself with new leads and future customers.

So stay positive and remember that your unsubscribes can actually be a good thing!

Happy marketing!

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