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Hubspot partner in Australia - GOLD!

Sarah McIntyre About The Author

Wed, Feb 04, 2015

I have some news... and no.. it's not you, it's me.
I've become a Hubspot gold partner. Hooray!
I know that this is blowing my own trumpet, but becoming a gold partner is kind of a big deal.  You see, Hubspot measures their partners, not on how many deals they do, but how happy their customers are.  They don't just look at the number of customers but also the quality and longevity of the customers that the partner has brought to Hubspot as well as the ones that the partner is working in, but may not have actually "sold" them the software.  
This is an awesome way to measure success as everyone benefits.  The customer benefits as they are truly seeing results from the work that the partner has done.  Hubspot benefits as the customer keeps paying for the subscription and the partner benefits as happy customers mean more work, if not from ongoing work with that account then from referrals... and referrals are the best type of inbound lead to receive.
I'm very proud of the success that my customers have achieved, they are my customers because they are awesome, have worked hard and deserve the success that has come their way.
So here's to a fantastic 2015.  Let's blow the roof off those targets.  What does your 2015 look like? Do you have a plan? Would you like to speak with a Hubspot expert?