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We can’t all be Casey Neistat

Last week I published a very worthy blog article about the key takeaways from Hubspot’s State of Inbound 2016 report. It was fairly standard, covering the highlights from an ANZ perspective.

I covered that marketers are struggling to show ROI and want to improve visit to lead conversion and increase budgets blah, blah, so far, so predictable… however one of my flippant comments got me thinking. On the topic of the future of marketing, of which the report said it’s all about video, I said something sensible about video being complicated and hard, and that “we can’t all be Casey Neistat”..

But then I thought… hang on, hang on, hang on… why did you say that?

There’s really never been a better time to get into video. So here's my first to camera video...

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Create an inbound marketing strategy to meet your business goals

Inbound marketing works because it uses analytics – science – to optimise strategies based on insights into evolving buyer behaviour  – the arty part. Decades of interruptive, outbound marketing has taught people that the vast majority of messages are not worth paying any attention to, and today your average buyer won’t spend more than two seconds on your message before deciding whether it’s of any relevance to them.

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Asia Pacific content marketing report 2016

Last week Hubspot and SurveyMonkey released their first Asia Pacific Content Marketing report. In it they surveyed over 700 marketers in Asia, Australia and New Zealand to establish the state of content marketing in the APAC region, so that content marketers have some local data to benchmark their marketing efforts.

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B2B marketing doesn't have to be boring

Apparently, "there are four ways a man can show his lady how much he loves her on Valentine’s Day. Like buying her expensive diamonds or taking her on an exotic holiday. Or a guy could even carve his initials into a tree. And then carve a heart. And then carve her initials underneath that on the very same tree. And the final way, according to Cisco, to give her the ultimate expression of everlasting affection is to gift her with a Cisco ASR 9000. Because nothing says “forever”, “commitment” and “I love you” quite like an aggregation services router."

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Marketing Analytics: the Inbound Way

When you hear the word “analytics”, what comes to mind? Some will inevitably picture the cyberpunk digital rain from The Matrix, while others might instinctively yawn and struggle to keep their eyes open. But in an age where literally every company has some kind of web presence, analytical methods and tools have risen in prominence to become a staple across industries.

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It's not about you.  Inbound marketing is about the customer and not your product.

Inbound marketing is a lot like an omelette. It’s made up of several ingredients that have to be combined in just the right way to get the desired results. You cannot make an omelette by simply throwing cheese, mushrooms, and bacon bits into a pan with some eggs, and you’re not going to create a cohesive inbound campaign by combining its various elements in a haphazard manner. One only has to take a look at the ingredients in each to understand why proper preparation is so important.

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5 of the best content repurposing hacks

Content marketing is hard to do right, and it needs to be thought through carefully. You shouldn’t spend any time or money producing content if you don’t have a really good idea who you’re trying to reach, what the messaging should be and what you want to achieve. So if you don’t have a comprehensive strategy yet, stop reading this and go and build one and stop random acts of content creation.

We just said content marketing is hard, but luckily, content production needn’t be. You’re sitting on a pile of really great content – you just need to know how to leverage it. The following hacks will show you how.

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How to use LinkedIn for B2B Lead Generation

Any marketer worth her salt knows that reach is nothing without engagement, and that there is the problem with most social media - despite their reach, they’re not very good at prompting clicks for B2B. For B2B lead generation you need a platform that provides information about people’s professional lives. In short, you need LinkedIn.

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Why are people unsubscribing??

Unfortunately, humans are for the large part, wired for negativity. Executive coach and motivational speaker Ray Williams attests to this, noting "the capacity to emphasise the negative rather than the positive has probably been an evolutionary phenomenon. From our earliest beginnings, being aware of and avoiding danger has been a critical survival skill."

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Why is blogging so hard? - A guide to seeing better results on your blog

Following on from last week’s piece on social media, I thought I’d continue sharing my ‘new kid on the block’ adventures of the world of inbound. This week I want to talk about something that a lot of us (myself included) have trouble with: blogging.

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By Jarrod Glascott